"I won`t hurt him. He`s been through enough."Michelle said and turned around. "You should believe in me,Michelle. Would I lie to you?"Luka told her. Michelle turned around and looked at him. "We haven`t known each other that long,Luka. I have known Stefan longer than you."Michelle said and walked over to the fridge. "That`s true,but you were with his brother before. He didn`t trust him anymore."Luka said as he followed her. "You don`t know what they have been through. Samuel never told me that much about his past,because he were scared."Michelle toldhim as she started to think about Samuel and the times they shared together.

"I know that you still miss him. Who wouldn`t?"Luka said. Michelle picked up a glass from the bench and poured some milk in it. "I don`t have time to miss him anymore. I have things to do."Michelle said and got a serious look on her face. "What are you gonna do?"Luka asked her. "Well,We have to move. We can`t stay here long."Michelle answered. "I see. You want to move away from me?"He wondered. The look he gave her were abit angry.. "No.. You are my friend. You can come with us."Michelle said. "Thanks."Luka said. "You thought I would leave you here?"Michelle asked."No,but I don`t think that Dennis and Stefan like me."Luka answered. "Okay. I will talk with them."Michelle said and smiled at him.

Her er den nye delen av historien min og slutten p dette kapittelet,og starter p det nye kapittelet snart.

Carrie Underwood: Lessons Learned

Carrie Underwood: Starts With Goodbye

Sangene har ingenting med historien og gjre,men jeg ville ha dem med.



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