Har ikke s mye og si,men har sikkert mer imorgen.. Her fr dere neste delen av den engelske historien min,men den norske kommer ganske snart ogs.


"What will you tell them?"Luka asked and followed her out to the others again. "I`m gonna tell them that you are one of us,and that they should get used to it."She said as he opened the door for her. "Michelle,we thought you were going upstairs to rest for a while..."Dennis said and looked from her to the others that were sitting around the table.

"I were,but Luka needed to talk with me."Michelle told him as Luka closed the door behind them. "I see."He said and nodded. "Do you all want me tobe your leader?"Michelle asked and walked over to the end of the table. "Why are you asking us this question?"Donna asked her.

"Because some of you are talking behind my back,and it makes me feel that I shouldn`t be your leader anymore."Michelle said as she sat down on the Chair again. "Who?"Donna asked and got up from her Chair. "Dennis and Stefan."Michelle said as she knew that they would get mad at her.

"We aren`t used to getting new clan members,because we loose others and then you take in new ones abit too fast."Dennis said and got tears in his eyes. "I`m sorry about that.. I haven`t been a leading for this clan that long,and I don`t know if I want to."Michelle said and rested her head in her hands.

"We are not saying that you are a bad leader for the clan,but we just want to tell you how we feel about things."Stefan told her and got a serious expression on his face. "That`s good to know,but I can`t stay here forever."Michelle said and looked down at the table.

"Why not?"Marcus asked and got up from the Chair he were sitting on. "Because I can`t stay at one place too long. I think I got more restless when I became a vampire."Michelle said and tried to think back to when she were human. "Who doesn`t?"Donna said to Michelle and smiled back at her.

"Yeah,but I weren`t like that before I got turned."Michelle said as she found her aunt`s old letter in her pocket. "That happened with me too."Liz said and walked over to her. "But you have been a vampire longer than me."Michelle said as she got up from her Chair.

"I know,but I think you are doing a really good job."She said as she gave Michelle a hug. "How can I get better?"Michelle asked her. "I don`t know,you just have to do it your way."Liz said and gave her a letter. "What is this?"Michelle asked her.

"It``s a letter from your aunt."Liz said and turned to walk away. "I see."Michelle said as she got surprised by the letter. She didn`t think that her aunt would write to her so fast. "We can finnish this talk tomorrow. Dennis and Stefan will come to my office."Marcus said.



Leighton Meester / Robin Thicke: Somebody To Love



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